morning person

I’ve never been a morning person
Until today

There is a quality of silence
A window of opportunity
Before the brake squeal of the 5:35am bus
Reminds us of the outside world

A kind quiet
Dream canvas

As if the waking can absorb the dreams of the sleepers
The last glimpses of REM
Before the sharp alarm jolt
And into the system they go

But in this pause
This liminal space
We listen deeply

Up with the newborns and the neardeaths
Those who know the truth the deepest
Furthest from their ideas of themselves
And closest to what is…

Tick tock
Watching the future become the present
Moment by moment
Unfolding like origami

The last moments of sun time
Before clock time
Sweeps us into its secular rhythm

Yellow soft whisper light
Warm mug
Even the air is sleeping


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