Originally written as the anti-deus-ex-machina moment of The Woman in the Red Dress, performed by Emma Houghton at the Roxy Theatre in 2013 (pictured): 

Helen of Troy:

Am I happy?

She stares the audience down for a very long beat.

Let me clear about something… Happiness is brief. Happiness is fleeting. Happiness is so completely temporary, it’s not even worth pursuing.
It is not about happiness, it’s about power.

Women want nothing more than to be happy. They want a man, a picket fence, a family and a casserole dish. Or maybe they want to be independent. To wear glasses and a knee length grey skirt. To carry high heels to work to exchange for winter boots in the ladies room. But high heels don’t fit well in a briefcase. And breasts don’t fit well in a business suit. And underneath all that independence, what they really want is a man’s respect. It’s just a less obvious form of dependence. Whatever it is, they want. Their deepest desire is an illusion that they cling to eternally. Over time, this unfulfilled want fossilizes into a need that they cannot even distinguish from themselves. It’s disgusting, really.

You can smell their need. Sense it coming off their bodies, in their sweat. At that time of the month, it’s stronger than ever. This need is repulsive. It makes men want to run away and never touch them. Their skin is a disguise. An illusion of seduction. But they are not really seduction.


The difference between a woman and a goddess is need. A goddess can give everything. A goddess can take anything she wants. But a goddess needs nothing.

She stands in a battlefield surrounded by slain men.
She bows down gracefully
To kiss their writhing bodies
gently on the lips
as they leave this world.
She is their last sight.
Their last hope.
Their last love.
She is everything.

She doesn’t seek the intangible.
She is the intangible.

And when He leaves,
She remains.
On an island,
In a fortress.
Untouchable once again.

No one ever asks about her: is she happy?

The question is irrelevant.
She is a goddess.

So ask yourselves: Do you want to be a woman or do you want to be a goddess?

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