love is a verb

“love is a verb”
she said
on the steps
in the sunlight
as the birds danced at their feet

they had caught each other by surprise
on the street
in new york city
something that never happens

“what are you doing right now?”
I actually just decided to take an hour
to do nothing… see what happens. maybe go for a walk.
and you appeared.”
“let’s walk.”

they sat on the steps
and paused
something that no one does
in new york city
in the middle of their days
in the middle of their plans
in the middle of their lives

they looked up at the sun
and they smiled
in silence

the silence of a friend
can be the oasis
you never knew you needed

they exchanged stories
of who they thought they were
right now

a feeling of arrival
not quite thirty
a certainty not there before
of who they were
an old soul and a young soul

he talked about men
she talked about women
they talked about love
and confusion
and joy
and desire

“love is a verb”
she said
“people think it’s a feeling,
an experience, a sensation,
but it’s a doing
it’s something you choose to do
every day over and over again
you choose it.
i think this is most important.”

“i think love is like two parallel paths”
he said
“when you are walking on the right one
and you know who you are
then you can look over and notice who is walking beside you
and if you are both walking the same way for a while
then you can walk together”

then they shouted dreams up
at the sky
for the the world to answer
and the birds took off –
a chaotic swirl of flight


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